Mayer v. TPC Holdings, Inc.

While receiving benefits based on his impairment rating, Keith Mayer died of a heart attack unrelated to his work accident. Mayer’s impairment rating was paid out in full following his death. However, Mayer died before a determination was made as to what permanent disability benefits he may have been entitled to in excess of his impairment rating. The parties submitted the issue on stipulated facts and the Industrial Commission concluded that permanent partial disability less than total survived the death of an injured worker when the death was unrelated to the work accident. The Industrial Commission also determined that the disability of the deceased worker should be evaluated as of the time immediately preceding the worker’s death. TPC Holdings, Inc. (TPC) appealed that determination, arguing that Mayer’s claim for permanent partial disability did not survive death. Finding no reversible error in the Commission's decision, the Supreme Court affirmed. View "Mayer v. TPC Holdings, Inc." on Justia Law